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Booking a hotel fast

Online hotel booking service. Catalogue hotel - hotels description, pictures of hotels rooms, hotels reviews, hotel reservation. You can book in Moskow, St-Peterburg, Minsk, Paris, Rome, Florence, France, Italy

Booking features:

An immediate reservation any of 240 000 hotels around the world. The room you like is reserved immediately. In 7 seconds you receive a booking confirmation to your e-mail. The reservation of rooms in the hotels is performed free of charge. The payment for the room booked is performed directly to the hotel.

In order to find a hotel you have to choose a country, write in a destination city in English, dates of stay, number of rooms (not more than three) and number of beds (not more than three). Then you will see a list of hotels available for on-line and on-request booking. You have just to fill several fields of information about yourself. In some hotels a credit card is required for the booking.

In order to book more than 3 rooms please use Special/Group Reservations option. If you need to cancel the reservation you can perform this operation at our system's page.

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