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Name : Dzvineslava
ID# : 47446
City : Vienna Austria
Age: 23 Education: College
OfBirth: 30 July 1996 Smokes: Never
Height(cm): 165 Drinks: Never
Weight(kg): 53 ISOAge: 034-41 
HairColor: red ISOHeight: 0180-300 
EyeColor: Blue ISOWeight: 070-120 
Nationality: Ukraine ISORace: Other caucasian 
WasMarried: Never  ISOChildren: Any 
Children: none  ISOSmokes: Yes 
Profession: Student  ISODrinks: Socially 

ISO(InSearchOf) :I never try to find very handsome man for myself, because the beauty of my man is inside, not outside. I cant say that I am looking for blond, brunette, I dont care. Handsome man for me is
tall as taller as better, with big size of shoes 44-45, with large palms and long fingers. I know that it is strange description, but they are my preferences. I like broad-shouldered men. I
would be happy to meet german-speaking man as I love German.
Personality : My subjective opinion is that it is very difficult to describe the character of any person. I think
I am good, nice, attentive, caring person and it makes me really happy to help someone. From the
other side I am very calm, confident woman and there are not many things in the world which I dont
want to do of scare to do. Hier ist die personliche Beschreibung von mir, meine subjektiveMeinung
Hobbies : I have several interests in life. I enjoy studying new languages. I like German very much. I would
be happy to learn German in such way that no one would understand that it is not my native language.
I love travelling and I cant seat in one city for a long period, I have to visit new places to
discover something for myself. I have a dream to cross Europe by car. I think that it would be great
experience for me. Sport is my hobby. Sport. Ich habe auch verschiedene Interresen -ich lerne sehr
gerne neue Sprachen. Deutsch liebe ich. Ich mochte irgendwann so gut Deutsch reden, dass nemandem
einfallt, dass es nicht meine Muttersprache ist. Ich reise sehr gern, fur mich kommt es nicht
infrage, das ganze Jahr nur in meiner Stadt zu leben, ohne von mir fruher nicht besichtigen Stadte
einmal doch anzuschauen. Ich habe ein gro?es Traum und zwar, mit Wohnwagen das ganze Europa
herumzufahren. Ich finde, es ware eine wunderschone Erfahrung.
Languages : Deutsch5, Engli
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