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Name : Valerya
ID# : 23127
City : Uhta Russia
Age: 42 Education: economic colleg
OfBirth: 22 January 1977 Smokes: Never
Height(cm): 165 Drinks: Never
Weight(kg): 55 ISOAge: 035-50 
HairColor: brown ISOHeight: 00-0 
EyeColor: green ISOWeight: 00-0 
Nationality: Komi ISORace: Other caucasian 
WasMarried: Single  ISOChildren: Not indicated 
Children: daughter 1997  ISOSmokes: Unknown 
Profession: Beauty salon, v  ISODrinks: Socially 

ISO(InSearchOf) :When it comes to what I am looking for in a man, I tend to be very picky. First I am looking for a man that is ready to have a family. Also the man that I want in my life must be dedicated
and faithful in his life, plus in his love for me, as I will be completely dedicated and faithful to him. For me the only way to make a relationship work is to put each others needs above
your own. That is what I would do and what I expect in return. I want a man to complete all the missing parts in my life as I would do for his. He must have a great sense of humor, love to
laugh, be fun and outgoing, and enjoy life. I want him to be active, attentive, and be a giving and loving person. He should be a kind and gentle man that loves nature and has a serious
dedication to better herself, and want to make the world a better place to live in for our children and the rest of the world.
Personality : I am very creative person, who never has a shortage of new ideas. I like employment of an design of
clothes and apartments. I am optimist woman and I accept others as they are, like to be helpful,
and are compassionate.I am well-developed insight into others and communication skills allow you to
inspire those around you. I have a good sense of humor and love to have fun. I am very aware of what
those around you are thinking and doing. My people skills allow you to make friends instantly and
make almost anyone comfortable. I like my relationships to be very intense,I want to feel
everything. The warmth and affection I give others is very deep and genuine. I have very high values
of family . I am skilled at finding practical solutions to complicated situations. I like to analyze
problems and discuss their possible solutions before taking action. As a result, others around you
may perceive a slowness of thought or action. I prefer not to seek quick personal relationships, but
rather build relationships slowly. Once my relationships are formed, they tend to be lasting. This
results not from slow thinking, but from complete analysis of the situation before acting.
Hobbies : design of clothes and apartments, music, dance, dialogue, family, swimming pool, camping, cinema,
TV, literature
Languages : English(3)
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