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    USA Fiancee Visas for K-1's from ALL Countries
    The Fiancee Visa Getting your papers filled in correctly

    The Fiancee Visa: Don't Feel Intimidated. It's just paperwork

    This process is, mostly, a matter of getting your papers filled in correctly. The vast majority of applicants have problems simply because various requirements on the INS forms appear ambiguous. If you ever had the opportunity to see this Fiancee Visa process done correctly 2-3 times, you would likely conclude that the process is rather simple and straightforward. There's nothing complicated about this process once you know what you are doing. We've filled out these forms many times and have never made a mistake in doing so.

    If you have an actual legal problem, then by all means - hire an attorney. We are not attorneys and cannot by law provide legal advice. We have, however, been through the process "personally" as well as many times with our clients. You have in us people who understand what you are about to go through. So, if you don't have a legal problem and your Fiancee Visa application is legitimate, it's just a matter of getting your papers filled in correctly. That's it. There is no mystery about this process and there is no reason to suffer through a lot of angst by being left hanging in the dark while this process is underway.

    There are some people out on the Net (bet you can guess which ones) who may tell you that is "illegal" to have anyone else fill in your K-1 paperwork "other" than an "Attorney". This is NOT the case, just as you do NOT need to hire a CPA to have your taxes completed. Your UNCLE NED can help you fill in your K-1 if you want without ANY worry of any "legalities/laws" being broken. Don't be "fooled" into listening to "scare" tactics. You can call the Attorney Generals Office OR the USINS in Washington D.C. and you will be told that you can have "anyone" "YOU" choose to assist you with the forms etc. and that there is NOTHING remotely "illegal" about it!!!!

    If you hire an attorney, what are the odds that he/she is going to actually do the paperwork? If you call with a question about some particular point or problem, but the actual actual paperwork is being performed by a subordinate, you won't likely be given direct access to the person filling out your forms. You'll have to conduct your inquiries directly through the attorney or his/her secretary - who in turn might have to first consult with a assistant/paralegal for your particulars in order to provide the answer/s. If you do run into a snag, how long do you suppose it will take to get the communications passed around (without degredation) in order to get any problems corrected? Result: More cost, less access and, potentially, more of your time invested.

    What we feel makes us so much more practical is that not only do we charge much less, but we do the paperwork ourselves and we answer the phone/e-mail if you have a problem and need help. Result: Less cost, direct access to the person actually filling out your forms and at a savings of your time.

    I maintain close ties to sources that keep me well informed regarding INS requirements. I get your papers filled out correctly, guide you through the process and keep you informed. You are paying me to get your papers filled in correctly and that's the long and of the short of it. There's no mystery - just correctly completed paperwork!

    You should know

    B-2 Visitor Visas- The "odds" of your lady receiving a "b-2" visitor visa are approximately 1 in 100 for the US Embassy to come to the USA for a visit.You may have read or heard that the US Embassy "accepts" 3 out of every 4 visitor visa application. IF they are a politician, rock or movie star or a major business owner then yes, they would be the "3 out of 4" accepted.The "average" person does NOT get accepted as the guidelines for the B-2 are rather strict for the "visitor visa" and the "acceptance" or "denial" is left solely to the discretion of the person looking at the application.

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