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ID: 20709
Name: Taisiya
City: Zhukovskiy
Age: 1989
Height: 170
Weight: 62
HairColor: brown
Eyecolor: Blue gray
Russian women brides
I am tactful, optimist person. Sometimes I can be lazy, merry, I love variety in life. I dont know how to take offence and I think that it is my habit
ID: 13988
Name: Tatyana
City: Zhigulevsk
Age: 1968
Height: 173
Weight: 69
HairColor: brown
Eyecolor: Brown
Russian women brides
Probably I have a too mild disposition. Seldom I am able to have ones own way, I prefer to concede. Is not modern, I do not like the noisy companies.
ID: 45724
Name: Olga
City: Mykolaiv
Age: 1991
Height: 160
Weight: 49
HairColor: dark
Eyecolor: Brown
Ukrainian women brides
I find this world full of magic and look for a person who will reveal it with me. I need to give my love, my heart and my soul who is responsible and
ID: 43810
Name: Elena
City: Moscow
Age: 1976
Height: 175
Weight: 71
HairColor: brown
Eyecolor: Dark brown
 women brides
I am optimistic, diplomatic, cheerful person with a good sense of humor.
ID: 39912
Name: Mariya
City: St.-Petersburg
Age: 1970
Height: 157
Weight: 51
HairColor: red
Eyecolor: Blue gray
Russian women brides
Im open-minded person, very emotional and I cant hide my feelings. It said in Russia that your eyes are reflecting your feelings, so you can always re
ID: 40993
Name: Nadezhda
City: Samara
Age: 1972
Height: 176
Weight: 67
HairColor: blonde
Eyecolor: Blue
russia women brides
Tender, affectionate , caring, creative lady.
ID: 21296
Name: Ekaterina
City: Orehovo-Zuevo,
Age: 1976
Height: 155
Weight: 42
HairColor: brown
Eyecolor: Gray
Russian women brides
very-family orientated,loyal,emotional.
ID: 36383
Name: Violetta
City: Tula
Age: 1978
Height: 175
Weight: 65
HairColor: blonde
Eyecolor: Hazel brown
 women brides
I am charming, sociable, sincere and kind person. I have patient character, I am responsive, sensitive and curious woman! =
ID: 1734
Name: Valeria
City: Rostov-on-Don
Age: 1978
Height: 168
Weight: 53
HairColor: brown
Eyecolor: Blue gray
russian women brides enigmatic russian woman, sensitive and hopelessly romantic one,candid, tender
ID: 43979
Name: Svetlana
City: Volgograd
Age: 1985
Height: 165
Weight: 65
HairColor: blonde
Eyecolor: Green
 women brides
I am sociable, cheerful, not conflict type of person, but if person really hurts me, I don’t forget it.
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