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ID: 26218
Name: Irina
City: Irkutsk
Age: 1974
Height: 160
Weight: 60
HairColor: blonde
Eyecolor: Hazel brown
russian women brides
calm, funny, charming, im a good listener
ID: 28587
Name: Marianna
City: Ekaterinburg
Age: 1988
Height: 168
Weight: 51
HairColor: brown
Eyecolor: Blue
Russian women brides
Im artist-ceramics,creative person,I write the poems bout nature and beauty,Im vegetarian,against natural fur
ID: 20422
Name: Julia
City: Donetsk
Age: 1980
Height: 170
Weight: 61
HairColor: blonde
Eyecolor: Blue
ukrainian women brides
Im the kind, cheerful person
ID: 30353
Name: Natalia
City: Tomsk
Age: 1965
Height: 172
Weight: 70
HairColor: Brown
Eyecolor: blue
Russian women brides
Purposeful, hardworking, critical to itself and requiring to another, inquisitive, calm.
ID: 42761
Name: Elena
City: Chernigov
Age: 1968
Height: 173
Weight: 59
HairColor: black
Eyecolor: Green
 women brides
i`m beautiful, honest, kind, with sense of humor. i appreciate sense of humor, kind and open heart in person. I like travel and to get known about new
ID: 14284
Name: Marina
City: Moscow
Age: 1963
Height: 170
Weight: 65
HairColor: blonde
Eyecolor: Blue green
Russian women brides
I am cheerful, mobile, I dont like routine, I an not stay-at-home, I am good-natured and I try to be open to people
ID: 30308
Name: Evgeniya
City: Tomsk
Age: 1985
Height: 169
Weight: 45
HairColor: русые
Eyecolor: зелен
German women brides
Im pretty girl with a sense of humor, sociable, diplomatic.
ID: 17820
Name: Olga
City: Kazan
Age: 1979
Height: 175
Weight: 59
HairColor: blonde
Eyecolor: Brown
Russian women brides
Im kind, honest, careful, cheerful, romantic, sometime i can be weak, I can cry when I watch the melodrams or read the book with a death of positive h
ID: 32972
Name: Ekaterina
City: Yekaterinburg
Age: 1985
Height: 163
Weight: 53
HairColor: red
Eyecolor: Green
Russian women brides
Nice person
ID: 16902
Name: Inna
City: YAlta
Age: 1980
Height: 170
Weight: 53
HairColor: blonde
Eyecolor: Green
Russian women brides
Calm, purposeful.
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