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ID: 35715
Name: Jane
City: Znamenka, Kirov
Age: 1982
Height: 168
Weight: 63
HairColor: brown
Eyecolor: Green
Ukrainian women brides
I am honest, intelligent, optimistic woman, who wants to be happy.
ID: 6759
Name: Elen
City: Donetsk
Age: 1964
Height: 173
Weight: 59
HairColor: auburn
Eyecolor: Gray
polka women brides
kind, sipathetic, keen, placid
ID: 24553
Name: Nina
City: Moscow
Age: 1964
Height: 160
Weight: 61
HairColor: brown
Eyecolor: Gray
The Russian women brides
ID: 31652
Name: Dinara
City: Tashkent
Age: 1989
Height: 170
Weight: 51
HairColor: blonde
Eyecolor: Green
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ID: 19243
Name: Elena
City: Bishkek
Age: 1972
Height: 165
Weight: 59
HairColor: blonde
Eyecolor: Brown
Russian women brides
My character is not the constant education, it has been formed for the whole life. Many things depend on a person, with whom I will be together.
ID: 20875
Name: Liana
City: Kazan
Age: 1983
Height: 163
Weight: 53
HairColor: black
Eyecolor: Green
Russian women brides
I have one quality and I value it in people to listen to the people. I like to be honest and if I didnt like the person, I will say it to him, I will
ID: 32064
Name: Giulia
City: Izhevsk
Age: 1989
Height: 175
Weight: 57
HairColor: blonde
Eyecolor: Brown
 women brides
ID: 3298
Name: Tatyana
City: Voronez
Age: 1971
Height: 175
Weight: 67
HairColor: blonde
Eyecolor: Blue gray
russian women brides
I am rational,sensible,passionate,generous,attractive,honest,patient,energetic,romantic,with a good sense of humor.
ID: 20341
Name: Nadezhda
City: Perm
Age: 1965
Height: 157
Weight: 55
HairColor: white
Eyecolor: Brown
Russian women brides
By character I am quite person, merry girl with a good sense of humor. I like to create cozy atmosphere at home and to cook something nice for my clos
ID: 45147
Name: Marina
City: Moscow region,
Age: 1969
Height: 170
Weight: 61
HairColor: dark
Eyecolor: Dark brown
rus women brides
I am an emotional, easy-going person and can temporize with people. I have lot of tenderness, which I am willing to share with my beloved one. I love
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