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ID: 25554
Name: Leysan
City: Moscow,YuAO
Age: 1982
Height: 173
Weight: 59
HairColor: brown
Eyecolor: Brown
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I am calm and at the same time very active person. I am real optimist, easy going, merry, sociable, soft, strong, strict woman.
ID: 22134
Name: Elena
City: Voronezh
Age: 1961
Height: 160
Weight: 51
HairColor: blonde
Eyecolor: Blue
russian women brides
I am honest and sincere woman, looking for my future partner in life who ideally would be sincere, honest, calm, romantic
ID: 44873
Name: Alesya
City: Zelenograd, Mos
Age: 1979
Height: 173
Weight: 73
HairColor: blonde
Eyecolor: Gray
Russian women brides
I am kind, good, honest, cheerful, sociable and warm woman with kind heart and good sense of humor.
ID: 6776
Name: Aida
City: Kazan
Age: 1974
Height: 170
Weight: 57
HairColor: hazel
Eyecolor: Blue
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Counterbalanced, benevolent, inquisitive
ID: 10752
Name: Botagoz
City: Tashkent
Age: 1978
Height: 170
Weight: 69
HairColor: brown
Eyecolor: Brown
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I like to read, listen to music, to look good films, rainy days, a thunder and new a snow.
ID: 39133
Name: Kateryna
City: Istanbul
Age: 1982
Height: 173
Weight: 56
HairColor: blonde
Eyecolor: Blue green
Ukrainian women brides
My personality traits are responsible, honest, modest, kind, flexible, elegant, sociable, sensitive, gentle, romantic.
ID: 13336
Name: Tanya
City: Ufa
Age: 1975
Height: 168
Weight: 63
HairColor: blonde
Eyecolor: Blue
 women brides
sincere, romantic and more
ID: 16101
Name: Anzhelika
City: Moscow
Age: 1980
Height: 163
Weight: 53
HairColor: black
Eyecolor: Dark brown
Kalmyk women brides
I am open and sociable. I can listen to the interlocutor and keep up the conversation on any theme. I like to have an active rest, and dont like to sp
ID: 22131
Name: Svetlana
City: Omsk
Age: 1974
Height: 170
Weight: 57
HairColor: blonde
Eyecolor: Blue gray
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I really dont like to describe myself. So, I will tell you what people around me talks about me. I like to talk with people, and especially to listen
ID: 31430
Name: Miroslava
City: Kharkov
Age: 1990
Height: 165
Weight: 75
HairColor: brown
Eyecolor: Brown
Ukrainian women brides
I have very angelic temper...
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