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ID: 38436
Name: Olga
City: Kaliningrad
Age: 1962
Height: 161
Weight: 57
HairColor: black
Eyecolor: Green
Russian women brides
I am kind, loving, positive, open, friendly, I have good sense of humor, love to laugh.
ID: 37043
Name: Olga
City: Kirov
Age: 1963
Height: 163
Weight: 57
HairColor: brown
Eyecolor: Gray
Russian women brides
I am charming and beautiful woman!
ID: 37035
Name: Olga
City: Novosibirsk
Age: 1980
Height: 157
Weight: 67
HairColor: brown
Eyecolor: Blue
russian women brides
I am independent, confident, positive, open, emotionally responsive, sincere, feminine, with dignity and optimism, I have a good sense of humor. I am
ID: 39226
Name: Alena
City: Vinnitsa
Age: 1992
Height: 175
Weight: 57
HairColor: black
Eyecolor: Black
Ukrainian women brides
I have kind character.
ID: 33194
Name: Irina
City: Tiraspol
Age: 1988
Height: 168
Weight: 61
HairColor: blonde
Eyecolor: Green
Ukrainian women brides
stubborn, but kind and sympathetic.
ID: 15468
Name: Jamilya
City: Bishkek
Age: 1976
Height: 157
Weight: 53
HairColor: black
Eyecolor: Dark brown
kyrgyzska women brides
In my free time I done one.s best to conduct efficiently, I take up with home facilities. I love the order and cosiness in the house very much, I like
ID: 37420
Name: Alisa
City: St.-Petersburg
Age: 1958
Height: 165
Weight: 53
HairColor: blonde
Eyecolor: Blue gray
Russian women brides
I am calm, faithful, reliable, sociable, serious person, but I have good sense of humor. I have my small business and it takes almost all my time, but
ID: 25409
Name: Gulzara
City: Bishkek
Age: 1969
Height: 155
Weight: 47
HairColor: brown
Eyecolor: Brown
Kirghiz women brides
I have the soft character, but up to the certain limit. If my close man will abuses of my softness, I can put him to his place correctly. If it is str
ID: 29075
Name: Margarita
City: Moscow
Age: 1983
Height: 177
Weight: 63
HairColor: brown
Eyecolor: Green
ukrainian women brides
I\\m an optimistic person. And I think from all situation you can find the right way. Our life is so wonderfull and I want to enjoy every day. I\\m t
ID: 42900
Name: Katya
City: Mariupol
Age: 1986
Height: 170
Weight: 57
HairColor: blonde
Eyecolor: Green
Ukrainian women brides
I am very kind, interesting, nice person. I can say that I am art type of person. rest at the nature, musci, art type
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