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Long before the Internet, men looked to Eastern Europe to find a mail order bride. Learn how this practice became commonplace in the West.

When a person hears the expression order brides mail brides, the connotation may often be negative. However, before rushing to judge, a person should read about the history of Russian and other Eastern European women who choose this unorthodox life.

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In the Ezine article entitled the history of mail order brides, writer Ken Malborough says “the early settlers of the American continent, the major portion of whom were men, were not able to not find brides in their own country. Therefore, they had to turn to Europe with the expectation of securing a bride.”

The process would begin like so: the man would write a letter to correspond with the European community to find a woman. Other ways to secure a bride included writing to the community church or taking out advertisements in various publications and magazines.

As time passed for women living in the East, primarily in Eastern European countries like Russia and the Ukraine, finding a Western husband was an opportunity to leave poverty. Once in the West, these women could send money back to their families.

Here is how the system worked. The woman would read an advertisement or hear about a letter that presented the right opportunity for her. She would then send a photograph and write back to the man, exchanging letters over a course of time. Finally, upon agreement of both the man and woman, they would agree to marry without meeting one another first.

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Love often took a back seat to financial security and the opportunity to have children and raise them in a prosperous environment. Women left their homelands, families and entire lives to travel to the West for an unknown husband. Many of these women had never traveled beyond their village, let alone make a trip to another continent halfway across the world.

Realizing the gold mine for a mail order russian brides, ukrainian brides industry, agencies began to pop up, pairing Western men with Eastern women. More women from the Eastern bloc were given the opportunity to become a bride. They were from the Baltic nations such as Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and in Balkan countries such as Albania and Bulgaria.

In the late eighties and early nineties the mail order bride business moved online and from then on exploded into a multimillion dollar industry. Nowadays mail order brides are still in existence, but with the fall of the Iron Curtain, Russian brides ukrainian brides are actually on the decline. Women in Eastern Europe are now choosing a post-secondary education and a career over an escape to the West.

The historical purpose of a mail order bride was to provide financial stability for the Russian woman and her family. As time moved on, this industry exploded into a huge money-making business. Today, the industry still thrives in Eastern Europe and beyond.

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